Decide What Character to play in D&D 5th Edition

As D&D enthusiasts will know there are 12 main character classes in the latest version, D&D 5.  So you have infinite choice of whom you want to be and what qualities and characteristics you have, subject to the ultimate approval of the Dungeon Master, who is not going to want someone who has given themselves so many super-powers that it will completely get in the way of his or her carefully constructed adventure plot!

From Barbarian to Bard, Monk to Wizard the possibilities are vast!

But, how do you decide the qualities, characteristics and powers and from which class?

The advice from the game’s makers is to “pick your character’s name, alignment, ideals, bonds, flaws, background and faction”. It is possible to download character portraits to help those new to the game, but it’s perhaps more fun to construct your own.

So firstly, what kind of personality do you have – or want to have? Do you want to play as a character that is like you as you really are or the opposite?

Do fighting abilities and weapons appeal to you or would you prefer to have magical powers? Are you a good guy or not?

One way to construct your character may be to use your zodiac sign and, whether you believe in it or not, use it as a framework personality. For example, those born under the sign of Cancer are said to be ruled by the moon and described as loyal and caring, dependable and responsive, but they can also be moody, clinging, self-absorbed and over-sensitive. They can be quite defensive and need to feel emotionally safe.

Leos, on the other hand, are said to be brave and intuitive, headstrong and wilful, with leadership qualities and ambition.

Or perhaps a character who is analytical, observant, helpful, reliable and precise and enjoys solving problems appeals to you. These are said to be the qualities of the Virgo sign.

There are any number of possible ways to create your character, limited only by a player’s imagination.

Or, you could do as most of us do and decide as follows:

Do I want to play a spell caster? If the answer is no then you are a weapons character – then it’s melee or ranged as the questions?

Once this is done it’s onto stats.  Looking at what you’ve got and deciding on which one is your main stat.  Are you the strong character or the persuasive one?

Then it’s fairly simple from here on it.

A Planned Group

What we often do though is talk among the group and find out who want’s to play what role.  Healer, Caster, Rogue, Tank/Fighter.  This tends to work for a more balanced group but sometimes it can go very off track.  For example one of our groups is large.  It has a Dwarf Warpriest, A Halfling Bard, Tiefling Rogue and the rest are humans.  A Sorcerer, Paladin, Wizard & a Warrior.  So a big group and quiet diverse.

The good news with this is we don’t need a full on healer (a good point of 5th edition D&D as there is more healing in the game.  We’re ok at it though as the Priest is pretty good, the Paladin is ok and even the Bard can help at times so we are ok.  The downside is more down to the role play style of the group, let’s just say they are not all ‘United’….