Old and New Role Playing Ideas for a Barbarian

This class is an interesting one with plenty of great role play opportunities for one and all.  Here are some role playing ideas for a barbarian that we’ve seen in our own years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  In short, some are more obvious than others but a barbarian, as a class, has many concepts for a great backstory to your character.

  • We’ve seen the dumb muscle bound brute who is easily tricked but a powerhouse in combat.
  • We’ve also seen the tender, in touch with nature type of barbarians.
  • The last of his tribe who has sworn revenge.
  • The tribe rules and he is on a quest that the chief has sent him on.
  • We’ve seen the daughter of the rules who has fled a domineering father/chief who has people on the hunt for her
  • We’ve seen the medicine man (taking a caster class later).
  • We’ve seen the exiled son who failed a mark of bravery test to become a ‘man’ and fled in shame.
  • You could have the thinking man’s barbarian who plays dumb to others but is actually a smart guy.
  • The hulk style – you know you have a blood lusting (Rage Ability) but you work so hard to keep it in check.
  • The spirits protect you, you have no fear, you know you will survive all the while you honour your ancestors.
  • The Beserker – taking this path, scary face paint and blood means you crush all in front of you.
  • The wise warrior, listening to the nature around you and the spriits of dead animals (only you can see these) you are guided on the path
  • Tricked by the city man you have no trust of them, except for one group member who you like or know.
  • You’ve shunned the ways of the tribe and now wish to learn more (taking levels of fighter soon).
  • The bully – you know you are big and imposing so less diplomacy and more intimidation.
  • A bodyguard, you know you are powerful and weaker people will pay gold for you to protect them.  So protect them you will.

If you have more to add send them to us via the site.  We like the Barbarian class concepts as it gives you many options for enjoyment which are not typically set by your race or class.  You can pick around the reason you are as you are and then build the role playing elements from there.

Let us know how you get on.