Our first play of the week goes to Alantis our mage in the Friday night Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition role play group.

Our group is quite large and consists of the following party members:

Human Fighter
Human Paladin
Dwarf Cleric
Human Sorcerer
Human Wizard
Tiefling Rogue
And the coolest Halfling Bard you will ever see.

The group had penetrated an Orc stronghold and was involved in a brutal fight against the encounter boss.  The Fighter and the Cleric were tanking the boss and taking some serious damage, with everyone else getting caught up in their own struggles it wasn’t looking great for the Fighter and Cleric.  Alantis the Wizard decided to cast an offensive crowd control spell to help them and stop the boss in his tracks.

He reached for his spell book and decided on the spell…  “Soothing waves, distant thunder; sandman cometh, he bids thee slumber!”. The problem is that Alantis had not realised that this is an area affect spell that affects everything in the area.  The Fighter and Cleric dropped down fast asleep in front of a rather bemused Orc Boss who had not been affected by the spell.  The orc who wasn’t the brightest of the litter thought they were dead and went looking for other targets.

So we think the award for play of the week goes to Alantis for snatching victory from the dreamy realms of defeat and inadvertently saving the group.