Core Cyberpunk Character Types

There are roles in the game which replace character classes and these are just the ones from the core rules.  You can adapt these into anything else you want.  Bookmaker, bounty hunter, soldier or anything else you need to make a really cool Cyberpunk character.


The cops are the guys and girls on the front-line, you could be investigating corruption, a low level beat cop caught up battling gangs for control of the streets or in the infamous Max Tac team where you are hunting down people who have had too much cybernetics installed on themselves and now they have gone crazy.  It’s a brutal job but someone has gotta do it.

It’s good being a cop, you get your gear for free and some good training.  You can also be a dodgy cop as well but we didn’t say that…

No, we’ve never had a cop hitting the local drug lords hard because he is getting a massive kick back of the one group he feeds information and protects. No, not at all.

Cops can make great Cyberpunk characters as you can get great group cohesion as you deal with the filth in the world.


The money makers, the power around.  Making power plays, sabotaging other company’s events and hatching plants to have their technical schematics stolen.  All this from the comfort of our armoured offices and dining out in the best places with the most beautiful people all around you.

You make things happen in the towns and cities but you are not the only shark in the sea.  So be warned.

Fixerscyberpunk 2020

Unlike the Corporates who do tax returns and all that sort of stuff.  You can sell things on for a profit, you can own and show up in a nightclub.  You know a lot of people and they know and mostly respect you.  But by the time you are finished they will all respect you.

Part of a powerful crime family or a lone operative with your guards keeping things safe.  The funny thing is people don’t know you are an ex middle weight boxer and damn good with a gun yourself.  You didn’t get this far without knowing how to throw down.

With the right attitude you will go far now you need to get the big paydays to match it.

Fixers can be very powerful Cyberpunk characters over time.  You can end up with a massive empire under your control but watch your back!


There are always stories around you just need to find the best ones.  There are low life politicians, corrupt cops and companies making shady deals.  You’re after the big story though and for that you need to push a little harder and get a little dirtier.

It’s then you find out about the corporate hits, the people with second businesses in stolen IT information from overseas governments and espionage.

This is where it’s at.


The Netrunners are the people who can interface with the internet.  Appearing as real people or creatures in the online world.  You can hack into companies, banks and anything you want.  If you are good you can bankrupt someone and make them fall off the modern world grid.

You can also protect people and companies.  Open security doors for a strike team and then cover their escape.  The world, or at least the online world is your oyster.


Living in large families or packs.  The Nomads are the road warriors, traveling wherever they want living life free range.  You go where the pack want to and you live how you want.  Not always wanted but you are a hard and resourceful bunch.  When things get difficult you can call on the pack to help you out.

You take what you want if it looks fair game, some even just steal it.  You have trouble with the law, society and the booster gangs always hassling you but you live life your way and always carry a shotgun.


Guns and Roses ain’t nothing compared to how big you will be.  You can rock out big crowds and sell out stadiums as you perform for the masses.  Yes the lable is always sweating you to churn out more records.  People all want a peace of you and you’re fighting hard enough to keep the band together.

The life of a music star is scrapping your way up the ranks and keeping the fans happy.  It isn’t all just sex and parties you know.


The hired killers, the snipers, ex-military or corporate trained you are an outstanding breed of training, fitness and the ability to win.

Trained in weapons, tactics, hand to hand combat and being.  When trouble starts you react before others to neutralise the threat.  You could be a street level bodyguard, a leader of a corporate strike team or a government agency but one thing is for sure – it will be hard when you come up against one of your own kind.

Stay sharp and go first.

A great choice for a Cyberpunk character.  These are amazing as you improve through the campaign but don’t feel because you’ve all the armour and a cool gun that you will be unstoppable.  We’ve seen many a Solo make this mistake.


Technicians, cybernetics specialists, computer hardware builders or eco terrorist bomb maker.  The choice is yours.  You can take two things which shouldn’t work and put them together and get a result.  You can repair and even modify weapons and upgrade cars or equipment.  Everyone loves you but they are always worried about what failsafe’s you’ve put in to give you an ‘insurance’ policy against them.

It’s the business and business is good.


The doctors and surgeons of the modern day.  Yes, you could work in the ER section of a hospital, you could be living the charmed life, golf 3 times a week treating one filth rich businessman.  Or you could be on the streets running things as a Ripperdoc.  Dealing with any shot up or drugged up meat bag who lands on your doorstep.

If he dies you can sell his body parts as limb replacements and if he lives he has to pay you.  Happy days and welcome to Cyberpunk 2020.


This is a quick note into the core Cyberpunk character roles.  There are others in the expansion books which are hard to find.  Cyberpunk 2020 is out of print but if you can find a copy of it then it’s great.  The only things you need to change are the prices for things.  The rest of the game stacks up nicely.

It’s a cracking game where risk is always there.  You can’t end up untouchable in it no matter what you play and what gear you own.  As a result, the risk of character death is always there to some degree.

It’s fun, no alignments to worry about and any character, even a Corp can be dangerous with a gun or blade.  It’s a game bursting with repeat value and we’ve played it tons over the years of gaming.  This game makes great situations, memorable characters and the stuff you will laugh about with other players as the years go by.