This week’s play of the week comes from our Monday night group who are playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The GM is using prebuilt scenarios and put the group up against an encounter that if there was a full group would have still challenged them.

The group was indeed two players short so three intrepid explorers fought the combined might of two Ghouls and a bunch of Zombies.

It didn’t go well with all three rolling low initiative and then failing saving throws to stun and freeze them.  This left the zombies to start munching.  The next round the cleric in the group chose not to use his turn undead abilities and tried to do a cool attack move on of the Ghouls, he missed.  More munching ensued.

Another round passed with no damage dealt out by the party and lots by the monsters.  By round 4 the party still had not rolled one successful attack or save.

Suffice to say death came quickly and the party was no more.  Some of you will say that’s poor planning others would say that’s bad luck.  We just think it’s funny that not one party member got a hit in!