Dungeons and Dragons – The Classes

There is a lot to be said about the classes in Dungeons and Dragons.  There are some which are loved and some which feel more loved by a minority of players.  What can be said though is the world of Dungeons and Dragons makes for some very interesting encounters and party mixes.

Over the various editions of Dungeons and Dragons we’ve seen many types of character classes emerge, we’ve seen prestige classes come into play giving new levels of power and specialisms as well.  The good news (and the bad) is 5th edition has reset things a bit.

We’ve got all the core characters in play and some others come back.  It’s given a bit of specialisms as well and early on.  This is something we like.


The powerhouses capable of doing a lot of damage and taking a decent hit as well.  A good character to play with plenty of role play opportunities as well.  Click here to find out more about the Barbarian class.


A massively improved character class now, the bard is a jack of all trades and pretty good now as well.  5th edition has seen the sometimes specialist character now become a broader choice for all players.  Ok in a fight, tons of social skills and some magic as well.  They are possibly the most improved class for me.  To find out more about Bards, click here.


A solid and reliable character for those of you who like the forests and like your magic.  The Wild Shape ability is nice and actually very helpful, they can heal and kick out some impressive damage as well.  Find out more about Druids here.


The weapons master or grizzled soldier this is a huge character class.  Even more so in 5th edition as healing is not so hard to come by. We’ve seen Fighters kick out some amazing damage and take a lot as well.  A ton of fun and some great weapons and abilities to use in 5th edition.  Find out about the Fighter class here.


One that never really seems to fit (for us) in a fantasy setting.  They are capable characters able to kick out some serious damage.  You could be from a land far away and that explains your unusual but very potent abilities.  See what the Monk has to offer here.


The archetypal knight or disciple of a faith.  These adventurers can get big weapons, big amour and the ability to kick out some nice damage against the enemy.  Also, packed with a host of role play opportunities they make for a good character, combatant and healer.  Here is more about the Paladin class.


The archer or the stalker in the woods.  Capable of being the king of all animals this class is now a winner.  They have a lot to offer to players and best of all, you can leave the social bits to the other players.  You can get by on your own!


The thief, assassin or general adventurer.  This class can survive, isn’t as squishy as they have been in the past and you have all the skills you need.  The rogue is a very good character class in 5th edition and their ability to deal damage and survive is now amazing, as is the fun levels.


Powerful magic and unusual abilities are all what you are about.  Sharing many of the spells of the Wizard class the Sorcerer can be the weird guy in the group waiting to unleash his power on someone.  A powerful class with not many drawbacks from a role playing point of view.


The old sage or the hungry apprentice.  The Wizard class has been powerful for a long time and in this edition they still are.  Specialisms exist now which are good for the class giving you an extra layer of enjoyment.


It’s a good fun class to play as you get your powers from some ‘other’ source.  It could be a good one or a bad one but the power this spell caster can kick out is pretty impressive and very helpful to the group.

In short there is plenty to choose form in the Dungeons and Dragons world.  Each class has it’s own specialisations, feats and items to use to the customisation is growing and with that the enjoyment.  There are some good pre-written adventures for people as well to enjoy.  So, no matter if you are new to the game or returning the help is there for you no matter how experienced you are.