Why we love this game

It is a fast paced great fun game.  There is plenty going on and with no alignement you can be the good or bad character – whatever floats your boat. Life can be mean on the streets but it can be ruthless in the boardroom or anywhere.  Guns, relationships, amazing cyberwear and a ton of attitude make this one of our favourite all time RPGS.  It’s currently out of print with a new onling MMORPG coming out sometime soon in Cyberpunk 2077.  This we can’t wait for.  Cyberpunk 2020 is the best version of this – give it a go!


Cyberpunk – A Great Future RPG

The role play game Cyberpunk is a great game to play.  Yes, there are other games which have been made with some elements of cybernetics and the gritty environment which Cyberpunk brings but nothing in our experience has come close to Cyberpunk.  The 2020 version of the game is fantastic, out of print but a truly amazing game if you want to let loose with style.

Made by R. Talsorian Games the versions of the game are:

Cyberpunk 2013 – Released 1988
Cyberpunk 2020 – Released 1990
Cyberpunk V3 – Released in 2005

Whilst the 2013 version of the game was good the best version of it in our view is 2020.  The V3 model didn’t do too well but if you want a fast and dirty game this is the one for you.
What you need to play

This game runs using the Interlock System which is a very simple one to play.  It is essentially a difficulty number to do something, like jump a wall.  You then assign your Reflex Stat + Athletics Skill + 1D10.  It’s that simple.  If you get a 10 you roll again and add it.  If you get a 1 on the die things go wrong… You can add luck to the score as well to influence things.

It’s that simple.  This makes for a quick, often brutal combat system and an easy and free flowing rule-set for action.

So all you need is some of the books, including the rule book + a few D10, a few D6 and a character sheet and pencil.  We would suggest some good atmospheric music also as it really helps.


If you’ve been playing this game for some time you will know by now that a corp can take out a Solo, body armour only goes so far and that the weak gun using Eurosolo’s can be a real handful.

The equipment goes so far and that AP rounds (if you can get them) are well worth it.  There is some great technology in the Chromebooks so do hunt around.  Some are a little overpowered so expect the REF to block a few or make them very expensive.

A good bit of martial arts skill goes a long way, even if you are a non combat character.  Being able to get out of trouble is worth it, even in the bars and clubs.

Playing Cyberpunk is a great game, atmosphere and attitude go a long way.  It’s as much about the way you carry yourself as your ability to fight.  Ally yourselves with powerful people.  Get to know some of the Arasaka players (and others around).  Get to know some of the big hitting Solo’s and get into the best bar’s, clubs and parties.

If combat is your thing, a Solo, Nomad or even a suspect cop get a custom gun made.  Get your cybertech as custom jobs to give you that special edge. Don’t use a ripper doc get a good trauma card to get you lifted out of trouble.  But about all else, be cool and never trust someone close to going full borg.

It’s only a matter of time before they lose their Cyberpunk edge and your calling MaxTac to save your butt!


For further information on this please drop us a line.  We know this game really well and we’ve had so many good nights playing it.  Great expansion books are any of the Chromebooks, Eurosource, Maximum Metal and Pacific Rim.  There is a host of info out for this game and it’s really, really good. We will even share some of our house rules as well over time.


  • Cyberpunk 2020 Rulebook
  • 1D10 and a bunch of D6 per player, drinks and snacks + some good music – Iron Maiden and others is good!
  • Any of the other sourcebooks are optional but good.