All About The Paladin Class

The Paladin is an excellent class for most groups.  This melee character has some great defence, some good damage, a bit of magic and some great healing.  What’s not to love?

The Paladin though isn’t technically his or her own person.  They have a code, faith or something which guides them – and they should have, given all the abilities they have there need to be some drawback to balance the classes.

You will have some good fun with them and be loved (mostly) by the rest of your group though as you get a lot of Grade A stuff.

Class Mechanics

Hit Points – you get 1D10 per level.  You will need it but this is a good amount to enjoy.

Armour – All armour, and shields so happy days.

Weapons – Simple and Martial so all the ones you would expect.

Class Features

The Paladin get a ton of these, you can sense evil, summon divine power to hit thing with radiant power (this is very good).  You can heal with Lay on Hands and you get spells.  On top of this you have big armour and a sharp sword.  Nice huh!

You get so much that chances are the DM will soon forget about some of it and you will remind them at a big moment ruining their plans.  It’s good this.

Here we don’t want to list stuff just from the Players Handbook but there is plenty to enjoy now.  The Paladin is a good and well stocked class but also it has great role play potential as well.


At level 3 you get to pick an Oath to follow.  For us these are a bit subjective, we’ve read some people trying to say their powers are not from a god or deity but this sounds weak to us.  They have always been holy warriors and someone is giving them that power.

Oath of Devotion – The Cavaliers and White Knights.  you are devoted and as pure as it gets.  Channelling your holy power into your weapon is always good.

Oath of the Ancients – The nature knights, these have some nice abilities.  Being able to ensnare opponent is good.  Also, from a role playing point of view Turn the Faithless is nice.  Uttering words elves and others hate to hear is always a winner.  This can create some very ‘magical‘ moments.

Oath of Vengeance – You like to even the scales.  With this path you look to punish the evil around you.  You can summon up great powers to help right wrongs and being honest, this can be some really nice stuff.


When you look in the Players Handbook you will find out there is a lot of feats to choose from.  The Paladin can benefit from Lucky but one of the best ones is often Inspiring Leader which is great!

You have always got a lot as a Paladin in D&D, there always seems someone in charge of D&D (whoever owns it) that loves this class, and there is a lot to love.