All About The Fighter Class

The fighter is solid now, very solid in 5th edition.  A protector or damage dealer, there is more to this class now than just rolling to hit and then being hit.

With the feats available you can make an excellent character that can do some awesome things.  A lot of stat boosts or extra feats make the class very versatile.

Class Mechanics

Hit Points – you get 1D10 per level, which is very good.  With the high AC as well you should be hard to hit and able to take a good bit of damage.

Armour – Light, Medium and Heavy Armour and Shields means the world is yours.

Weapons – Simple and Martial.  All the good toys are yours.

Class Features

Gone are the days of just rolling to hit and being hit you have good opportunities to do a lot.  Here we don’t want to list stuff just from the Players Handbook but there is plenty to enjoy now.  You can play with a range of different style fighters and you can full-fill many different roles within a group with the Fighting Styles features.

Martial Archetype

At level 3 you get to pick a more specialised path for your character.  You can take the pure damage dealing Champion, Battle Master or Eldritch Knight.

The Champion – The cleaver of many.  In short you double your crit chance so your damage output can be epic.  You are looking to kill things as soon as possible and with good dice rolls you can really own someone.  Especially with a two handed weapon.

Battle Master – The skilled combatant.  This is where you can create the duellist, battlefield commander and any other type of warrior you can think of.  With specific martial techniques to choose form you can do disarms and a ton of other things.  This one is a lot of fun, get a good weapon as well and you are well away.

Eldritch Knight – Warrior with a few spells did I hear you say?  Yes it’s good, a lot of role play fun but your magic choices are pretty limited.  They can be really good though, more style over substance I think but style counts for a lot.   Combine this with good warrior feats though and it can be quiet potent.


When you look in the Players Handbook you will find out there is a lot of feats to choose from.  The Fighter gets more than anyone and you can really build a monster character here.  A big one for us is Heavy Armour Master, it rocks.  To be honest thought most are really good.  The fighter is now as complete as it’s ever been – get your sword and go!