All About The Druid Class

The druid is a strong class in 5th edition.  A solid spell caster class with some very cool and solid abilities.  You will either be a shape shifting melee type with some casing skills OR a all powerful caster with some shape shifting to support it.  Both are good, in fact, both are very good.

In 4th edition the Druid class was a bit lost.  Thankfully though they have sorted a lot of things out in this version which is great.  You can help fight in animal form, you can heal, boost party members or do ranged damage.  In short you can do most things pretty well.

Druids really do rock now!

Class Mechanics

Hit Points – you get 1D8 per level, which is pretty respectable.  In animal form you use a different set of hit points as well which is also nice if you take Land Circle based Druid.  If you go for a spell caster type (Moon Circle) then the 1D8 seems to last well also.  Finally, if something gets near to melee, just summon an animal to help you and you should be fine.

Armour – Light armour or Medium armour is good.  You can also use a shield as well – which is excellent.  So a half decent bit of protection and good hit points means you can take a bit.

Weapons – Clubs, daggers, darts, javelins, maces, staffs, scimitars, spears and a few others make your choice of weapons a little limited.  Limited to ok stuff though which helps.  It’s not the best but this isn’t your day job.  If you find yourself wading in with a scimitar and shield something has gone very wrong.

Class Features

Here we don’t want to list stuff just from the Players Handbook and a druid has a lot he or she can do.  You can get into a bit of melee in animal form, you can have a helper there also which you can summon through spells.  Or, you can go down the full spell route and kick out some decent damage.  Call Lightning being a good one to use.It is a fully working character which can give out some really big boosts to others around them, as well as being pretty useful themselves.

They are not to be taken lightly!

Druid Circles

At later levels you have one of two routes to go.  One being more animal focused and one more magic orientated.

Circle of the Land – This is the magic focused of the two.  If magic is what you are after you get access to some good spells not normally associated with the druid.  Things like Haste or Invisibility etc can be good additions to an already good spell list.  The ability during a short rest to get extra spells back via Natural Recovery is also nice.

Cirle of the Moon – This is for the Shape Shifters.  The Wild Shape ability really gets a boost now.  You can more powerful animal forms earlier so it’s a really nice bonus.  It means more tooth and claw fun for your buck.  With other spells as well it can make you a good tank, melee damage dealer and still have some spells to use as well when out of your animal form.


When you look in the Players Handbook you will find out there is a lot of feats to choose from.  The Bard can make good use of Alert if you are either build, Lucky is good for anyone as is Observant. Resilient is nice for either build as well and if you are spell orientated War Caster is a great choice.